I'm Indonesian,Plus size, Animal lovers, who loves to cook and traveling, experiencing cultures, loves art especialy photography and fashion,generally enjoys life.
Anonymous asked: i used to think that if i could lose some pounds i would be happy,full of self-confidence. Now,even though i do lost weight,i am still struggling with my self-image,and try even harder to love myself. Your blog really inspires me,and makes me see that there is beauty in ALL body types...!



I am speechless. I want to thank all of you guys so so so much for following me and taking the time to read my posts I’m really glad that you enjoy the things I post and I hope there will be more :)

YOU’VE INSPIRED ME ..How do I have so much confidence? I’m not sure, I didn’t always. I suppose once I opened my eyes wide enough I could see that the only reason I didn’t believe I was beautiful was because of what our society considers beauty. But FUCK THAT AND FUCK THEM because I can now look in the mirror and see my beauty and that is an amazing feeling. You are beautiful, you just have to convince yourself. You have to train yourself to believe it. Tell yourself that you are absolutely beautiful just the way you are :)

5 Hour Wait At Istanbul Airport

I have a 5 hours wait at Istanbul airport. What kind of things can I do to make 5 hours go fast at Istanbul Ataturk Airport? Any suggestions? :)

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